Why Your Brewery on the Oregon Coast Needs Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation on the Oregon Coast

It feels like every day, there is a new brewery opening up in Oregon, especially on the Oregon Coast. And that’s not a bad thing! Oregon is home to some of the finest microbreweries in the Pacific Northwest — and the entire United States.

And it helps that Oregon culture is all about supporting small, locally owned businesses, just like us here at Home Spray Foam.

Starting a new brewery on the Oregon Coast is a dream for many — but it’s important to know what kind of conditions your brewery will be facing, especially when it comes to your insulation needs.

Breweries have very specific needs when it comes to their commercial spaces: they need water filtration systems that will help them brew what they need, plus they need to be airtight to prevent contamination. Many breweries also need to be kept at a variety of different temperatures for their specific brewing processes, meaning they need insulation that will keep their commercial space to maintain whatever temperature they set it to.

If you’re located on the Oregon Coast, those factors get kicked up a few notches. The Oregon Coast is a beautiful place to live and work — but with temperamental weather that can change day-to-day, as well as the risk of storms, heavy rains, and salt water. These things create increased need to ensure your brewery stays just the way you need it to.

Here at Home Spray Foam, we believe in providing a quality product that keeps people going: no worrying about off temperatures, mold, leaks, or worse. In this post, we share why spray foam insulation is the ideal choice for your brewery on the Oregon Coast.

What Makes the Oregon Coast Different

The weather on the Oregon Coast can be mild, but is also unpredictable. On average, the Fall, Winter, and Spring months can receive anywhere from 5 to 12 inches of rain per month with temperatures in the 40s to 50s; during the Summer, the weather warms up, to over 70 consistently, but there is always the risk of rain in the summer too (averaging about 3 inches per month!), as well as high winds. And that doesn’t include the storms!

Storms blowing in from the ocean can increase rainfall, coat buildings in saltwater, and cause high winds, as well as drops in temperature and increases in humidity.

Needless to say, if you have a brewery on the Oregon Coast, you are juggling a variety of factors to ensure your brewing environment stays at the correct temperature — without leaks, mold, contamination, and more.  

None of us want that.

The challenges of the Oregon Coast are specifically different from those inland. For example, Eugene may have cooler temperatures, but the weather is generally more predictable. In Bend, extreme cold and snow are risk factors, but again, it’s incredibly predictable. You know to expect rain and cold in those places.

On the Oregon Coast, anything can happen day-to-day! That’s what makes it such a different environment, especially for breweries which have unique insulation needs.

How Spray Foam Insulation Makes a Difference

When it comes to your brewery on the Oregon Coast, why does spray foam insulation make a difference? With our spray foam insulation, you get the benefit of an optimized environment (that means using your HVAC system less, saving you on energy costs, while still maintaining an even temperature), as well as pest control and mold & mildew elimination.

We’ve written previously about why a high R-value matters when it comes to your insulation; you can read that blog post here. When it comes a high R-value, here’s why it matters: the higher the R-Value of your insulation, the less heat will escape, the less you’ll have to run the HVAC system, and the more you’ll be sure your brewery is properly insulated.

Spray foam insulation has one of the highest R-Values of any insulation type, with an R-Value clocking in at R-6.9 for 1 inch, R-13 for 2 inches, and R-19 for 3 inches. That makes spray foam insulation the best option for low energy bills and reducing mold & mildew, as well as pest control.

We Want To Help You!

We are the #1 leading spray foam insulation company in Oregon — and not just that, we service the Oregon Coast, as well as inland areas as well. We love supporting Oregon’s diverse businesses. Call us today to learn how we can help take your brewery to the next level.

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