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Looking for a local spray foam insulation company? Look no further. Home Spray Foam Insulation is Oregon’s #1 Local Spray Foam Insulation Company. With Competitive Pricing & Lifetime Warranties on select insulation services, we’re your #1 choice for Spray Foam Insulation.

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A Local Spray Foam Insulation Company You Can Trust

Don’t just choose a cheap insulation solution for your home, commercial building, or agricultural facility. That’s a bad, long-term investment, therefore costing you thousands of dollars, annually. When you invest in your home, commercial building, or agricultural facility, invest wisely. Invest with spray foam insulation. A quality insulation that lasts, so you can save hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars, annually, on energy costs.

The Highest R Value of any Insulation

Our goal to choose the best products for our customers ensures a quality service with the highest r value of insulation. We take pride in quality control, because our customer’s business matters to us. Most of our business comes from repeat customers, because we stand by our work with pride. We focus strictly on spray foam insulation, most importantly, because of the strong thermal barrier & annual energy savings. We specialize in closed cell spray foam insulation, open cell spray foam insulation, and spray foam roofing. This means we’re going to offer our customers the highest quality insulation product & ROI for their investment.

Compound Annual Savings

Unlike fiberglass insulation, (which has a cheap upfront cost), closed-cell & open-cell foam insulation offers annual, residual energy savings. This means the money our customers save on their energy bill will continue to pay for their insulation. Each year, our customer’s continued savings will compound from their energy bill, therefore profiting immensely from their investment. That’s something fiberglass insulation just can’t provide.

Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Closed-cell spray foam insulation provides an unmatched thermal barrier with the highest R-value of any insulation. Generally used for external walls to prevent air leakage, while simultaneously providing a strong moisture barrier. What does this mean? This means you’re using your heater less during the winter, and your AC less during the summer. This also means a much smaller carbon footprint, while also eliminating mold & mildew. And guess what? If you’re in the state of Oregon, there are significant tax benefits for insulation that lowers your carbon footprint. We think that’s pretty great.

Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation

With open-cell spray foam insulation, it’s application is used for internal walls, therefore helping to eliminate noise pollution. Besides that, it also has an incredibly high R-value, but with a much lower raw material use.

Overall, the benefits, savings, and tax incentives far outweigh the upfront costs.

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