insulation eugene orLet Home Spray Foam LLC greatly improve the energy efficiency of our new or existing home with our InsulSmart™ spray foam insulation Eugene Oregon. Our spray foam insulation is a 100% blown in water solution which will greatly improve your home or businesses indoor air quality, while reducing energy bills. New and existing homeowners and businesses can now take advantage of improving the environment and temperature around them.

What is the “R” Value of Spray Foam Insulation?

“R” means resistance to heat flow within your environment. The higher the “R” value , the insulating power is greater. The “R” value of our insulation product is R-16 for a 2×4 cavity and R-24 for a 2×6 cavity. It is important to know that spray foam insulation is non-expanding, is not a dry product, which can be hazardous and less effective, and leaves no messy clean-up for the home or business owner. This insulation must be installed properly within your cavity walls to reach the “R” value indicated above. This is why hiring and working with an experienced insulation Eugene Oregon contractors is important.

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