insulation contractors eugene oregonHome Spray Foam LLC is a full service spray foam insulation contractor located in Eugene, Oregon.

Our insulation contractors Eugene Oregon perform complete insulation services for new and existing homes and businesses. The spray foam insulation is a unique product that is non-expanding with a very high “R” value and does not have some of the “down-sides” that dry insulation products have.

Unlike dry insulation products, our insulation will not settle or leave gaps in the cavities of the walls. It completely seals all gaps so that air cannot pass through the cavity which can lead to higher energy bills and discomfort for the residents of the building.

Additionally, with the spray foam insulation, there is no need to try to over apply the product to seal the gaps as other insulation installers may do with a dry product, therefore there are no blow-outs of the product which causes a messy situation and costly repairs.

Spray foam insulation provides a very healthy environment due to its ability to improve indoor air quality and poses no health threats to your family. Therefore, our insulation reduces environmental impact.

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