Injection foam insulation combines a unique spray-dried polymeric resin with a catalyst to produce “dry” foam with the consistency of shaving creme. It expands fully before entering the wall or block flowing through the cavity and hardening in place as it dries.

Benefits of Injected Foam Insulation:

  1. Supplies highest R-Value per inch. R-16 (2×4 cavity) and R-24 (2×6 cavity)
  2. Helps prevent mold, fungi and moisture by eliminating condensation, ultimately reducing allergens.
  3. Provides seamless and maintenance free air barrier. Acts as a sound barrier by absorbing sound vibration and quieting your home.
  4. Substantially reduces heating and air conditioning costs.
  5. Provides healthy living (poses no health threat and improves indoor air quality).
  6. Greatly reduces environmental impact.
  7. Does not shrink, settle or sag over time. Ultra low odor.
  8. Reduces drafts as well as hot and cold spots.
  9. Offers an energy savings up to 50% in residential and commercial buildings.
  10. Class A (Class 1) fire rated per ASTM E-84.
  11. Costs less to install than rigid foam insulation board.
  12. No structural damage to drywall and sheathing from expansion.
  13. Unlike blown in fiberglass and cellulose, injected foam fills all of the voids to create a tighter air-seal.
  14. Increases home value.
  15. Installed by factory trained, experienced personnel.

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